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 We have just completed the BEST year yet with pattern sales and with finished product. I would like to thank you and Moon & Stars for another GREAT year and I look forward to continuing success with the Moon & Stars family. I recommend you to anyone who is interested in having a website made and maintained!



A client to be had this to say!
I am planning on using you for my webpage.  I have done alot of research and you rise to the top so you are the one....

Announcing Moon & Stars

Merchant Account Program

We have recently formed a partnership with Total Merchant Services and Authorize Net to set up a merchant account for you, taking advantage of low rates and a one-time set up fee of $25.00 (normally $129--$200 or more!).
To take advantage of this offer, you must click on the banner  below

or HERE to qualify for this offer!

Bottom line:  $25.00 set up, $20.00 a month
(plus the usual small transaction fees, see below; can't get away from those!)
...more info below...

Here are the many reasons to go with our program!

  • Lower Transaction Percentages.
  • Lower Transaction Fees.
  • Receive your money faster by having it directly deposited in your account.
  • Have your business name recognized by your customers to promote repeat business.
  • Your own Virtual Terminal for issuing
    phone or craft fair orders.
Set-Up Fee-$25.00 Visa/MC
Discount Rate
Fee Per Transaction
Internet, Mail/Phone Order (MO/TO) 2.29% $0.30
Monthly Statement Fee $10.00 per month
Internet Payment Gateway Fee (what is this? see below) $10.00 per month
 A minimum fee of $25.00 in transaction fees will be waived for Moon & Stars Customers.
If your schedule of fees form shows this fee all you have to do is white it out.  If you have any questions, just call Mark J. Sandos at (877) 456-8956. Be sure to tell him you are one of our clients.

Total Merchant Services' processing fees for Internet, mail order, telephone order merchants are the most competitive in the industry. Total Merchant Services (TMS) is a Member Service Provider for: HSBC Bank USA, National Association, Buffalo NY.  We have been doing business with both AuthorizeNet and Total Merchant Services with several of our clients for over 4 years and have been very pleased.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our representative: Mark J. Sandos at (877) 456-8956. Be sure to tell him you are one of our clients.
Fill out your application now!

Questions you might not know the answers to on the application:

  • Webmaster's email address (that's me):
  • Type of cart we use:
  • What language is my site designed in?
    HTML Language
  • Do I have to have the monthly statement fee of $10.00?
    Yes, there isn't anyway around this.
  • Do I need to buy or lease any equipment?
    Not unless you want to use equipment at a fair by using a wireless phone.
    You will have access to a terminal online to enter transactions when you get home.
  • Can we set this up for you?
    No, so much of the information is personal and referrers to your business, we can't help you set that up. After you get your letter of approval, you will need to follow those directions closely to obtain a transaction key for us to add to your shopping cart script. To obtain that key, please refer to "Settings" under your account manager at Total Merchant Services and then emailing to us.
  • Because each case is different, if you have questions, 
    please contact Mark J. Sandos at (877) 456-8956 with them
    instead of contacting us as we really can't answer all your questions.

    ** What is a payment gateway?
    A payment gateway links your web site to the credit card processing companies and your merchant account. When your customer enters his or her credit card number on your web site, the payment gateway obtains authorization for the charge and later handles the transfer of funds into your merchant account. Total Merchant Services works with the industry's most widely used and reliable gateways including the TotalPay powered by Authorize.Net, Plug N Pay, and VeriSign Payment Systems.






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