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 We have just completed the BEST year yet with pattern sales and with finished product. I would like to thank you and Moon & Stars for another GREAT year and I look forward to continuing success with the Moon & Stars family. I recommend you to anyone who is interested in having a website made and maintained!



A client to be had this to say!
I am planning on using you for my webpage.  I have done alot of research and you rise to the top so you are the one....


Please Take Time To Read This Disclaimer

Debbie of Web Designs by Moon and Stars (Webmaster of Web Designs by Moon and Stars) will design graphics for you in one style or type.  If you change style or type of graphic from what you described that you wanted at the onset of the project, Moon & Stars reserves the right to charge for this service.  Moon & Stars creates websites that the majority of the people can view well (800 x 600 screen resolution).  We are not responsible for what the site looks like at higher resolutions.  Moon and Stars offers no guarantee that you will make money on your website. That is entirely up to you and your product. Moon & Stars has the right to discontinue with a customer at any time, if deemed necessary, and will not be held responsible for hosting or maintaining your site any further or continuing in ANY manner NOR will we advertise where you will be moving your site if you leave our services.  Moon & Stars is not responsible for downed servers or any information that may be lost due to failure or Y2K problems. Moon & Stars reserves the right to discontinue service with anyone who does not pay for services rendered ( monthly maintenance fee, etc.). Moon & Stars is not responsible for customers who practice fraudulent or irresponsible business.  Moon & Stars creates websites that are compatible with 4.0 and newer browsers, and is not responsible for your site if it can not be viewed because it is being viewed with an older browser. Websites and graphics look different inside AOL and we are not responsible for this problem. Moon & Stars is not responsible for credit card fraud resulting from using our service. Moon & Stars upholds the copyright laws of the federal government but is not responsible for designs created with misleading information from client. All rights reserved.  All fees are non refundable and are paid  upfront.

Please note:  We spend a great deal of time and money marketing our website service, in order to afford the benefit of our advertising to our clients and their respective website businesses. Moon & Stars Web Designs and/or Collection of Shops ad fees for advertising are to be paid upfront and are Non-Refundable, unless your website has changed content after you have paid for an ad, that is not acceptable to Moon & Stars Web Designs and/or Collection of Shops, we reserve the right to refund a prorated amount of the advertising fee to the individual, without further representation, if we so choose. And because we do spend a great deal of time and money marketing our website service, please note that we will not post any links, banners or notices of any competitive businesses on our moon and stars shops site









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